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Hotels trends of the future

Research has shown recently that millennials have a higher spending power than people in their fifties and are more likely to spend on a luxury hotel experience.

Reported in Knight Frank's Wealth Report of 2016, it seems that hotels and travel companies will have to think hard about how to attract this lucrative market.

Angela Roper, Director of The International Centre for Hotel and Resort Management at The University of West London, agrees that the millennial market is important but feels that there is still a place to market to the over 50's in the UK, She talked at our Future Cities Forum 2 about different groups of 'townsters' and 'tripsters' who want to use hotels in varying ways.

It seems that research is also showing that hotels - as well as selling beds - will have to continue to create welcoming environments where business people and visitors want to go to gossip, have tea and discuss important work, otherwise lose out to this growing trend.

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