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Churchman Landscape Architects

Future Cities Forum welcomes Churchman Landscape Architects to its next conference at the IET, London on 6th March 2017.

Chris Churchman is founding director of Churchman Landscape Architects, and will be speaking about combining environmental stewardship with design creativity.

Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s Chris was a director of HLM Architects, toward the end of this period working on the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. Having established his own practice in the early 90’s, Chris worked with Stanton Williams on the Royal National Theatre, Millennium Seedbank and Tower of London.

His work seeks to deliver added depth, quality and value through solutions that achieve innovation through tried and tested techniques. Engagement with Public Realm has come through both urban regeneration and the higher education sector. Chris has acted for the University of Warwick since 2003 and is now delivering a five-hectare public realm scheme at the University of Birmingham.

The practice sees Public Realm landscapes as talking points; places to stimulate debate, dialogue and conversation. The practice’s enthusiasm for innovation in sustainable technologies led Chris, with his Co-Director Andrew Thornhill, to develop systems for water sensitive urban design and an irrigation free living wall system. Between 2012-2014 the practice won design awards through the Landscape Institute for its schemes at National Maritime Museum, Rathbone Market and McAulay Walk.

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