British Water - solving the flooding crisis in the UK

British Water is drawing attention to the complexity of issues behind attempts to solve flooding problems in the UK and will be speaking at our next Forum on 6th March at the IET in London.

David Smoker, Business Development Director at ACO Technologies PLC and Vice-Chair of the British Water Surface Water Management Focus Group, says a lot of focus is given to flood damage from rising water levels in seas and rivers, but the drainage of surface water in cities is a poor cousin.

'There is a tension over who covers the cost of SuDS or Sustainable Drainage Systems. House builders do not always want to include these as they will deplete their profits and councils will sometimes turn a blind eye to the absence of SuDS in new estates. This isn't helped by the confusion between government departments - DEFRA and DCLG as to who takes lead responsibility for surface water management', says David.

David has worked on the supply chain side of the water industry for over 30 years and has contributed to the new SuDS Guide, the forthcoming Treatment Device Testing Code of Practice and the Geocellular systems in Highways Guide.