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Airport design to tackle management issues

Cranfield University has built up an enviable reputation for academic research into airport management and design. Architect Henrik Rothe, who runs his own practice, leit-werk and lectures at the University says that a lot of management issues can be tackled through new ideas on airport layout. Henrik came to talk at our recent Future Cities Forum on 6th March at the IET, London.

Airports, he says have to be constantly considering improved offers for passengers. Retail experiences will not enable airports to survive as destinations forever he continues, they will need to be designed with event and exhibitions spaces in mind where permanent communities - not just the traveller - will want to use them. Munich's airport for example has an ice-skating rink built into the centre of it.

Ugly developments often grow up around airports but Henrik envisages a time where airports can be carefully designed and built in the middle of cities. The design often means stripping out unnecessary equipment and where through streamlined technology passengers can be processed with one ID card removing the need for layers of security check-in points throughout airports.

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