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Knowledge Quarter - Liverpool

Courtesy: Invest in Liverpool

This summer the first phase of work with Morgan Sindall's Construction and Infrastructure division will start on the Liverpool City Council commissioned £1 billion project to extend the city's Knowledge Quarter.

The local authority's vision is to build on Liverpool's thriving life science sector, attracting investment as well as creating jobs. It is part of the city's ambition to become an international destination of significance for the life-science, healthcare and technology industries.

The £1 billion flagship site of Paddington Village will house 1.8 square feet of science, technology, education (including Liverpool International College) and health space. Greenwich Village in New York has been an inspiration.

A second phase of work will see Morgan Sindall design and build a new £35 million 'Northern Centre of Excellence' for the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). Pre-construction has already started and the project is due to complete in 2019.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, says ' The Knowledge Quarter has the potential to redefine Liverpool's economy - the ambition, the scale and the scope is that far reaching'.

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