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Drum house turns living on its head

Try not to get dizzy thinking about living inside a rotating drum powered by electric wheelchair motors. With a double bed dropping down as a mirror rotates on the ceiling and one press of a button sends you whirling into a different room, you might be forgiven for thinking this home was created after one too many beers.

However, it is the brainchild of architect George Clarke challenging the idea for homeowners that it is square footage that matters when selecting your new trendy pad. Exhibiting at this year's Ideal Home Show and co-produced with designer, William Hardie, it only has a footprint of ten square meters but provides four rooms in one. Vacuum packed clothes mean there is no need for a wardrobe and all the cutlery is magnetised to the kitchen wall to stop it flying off when the house is rotated by 90 degrees in just 10 seconds.

Could this be a glimpse of how to live in the future? George definitely thinks we need to constantly challenge our ideas on space-saving. With its sleek white interior and ability to change the color and mood of your living space at the touch of a button - this has to be the start of something new in the heads of designers of both student living or the luxury house.

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