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PwC at Healthy Cities

PwC will be describing the growth and value of health technology at our Healthy Cities Forum on 9th October at The Crystal Building.

Partner, Brian Pomering who leads PwC's health provider transformation business in the UK will be contributing to the first panel debate. Brian's team helps health providers including NHS trusts develop new models of care including innovative integrated care and accountable care models. He says:

"There are so many health apps and so much new technology that sometimes health trusts have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees, and they naturally are concerned about the dangers of obsolescence. On the personal health front the drive to innovate has been coming from successful small companies like Babylon Health and myGP which are putting healthcare management into the hands. mobile phone and tablets of the private individual."

PwC has conducted research across the world into the appetite for using new personal health technologies, and has found that England lags many other countries, especially those in Africa and the Far East. Brian adds: "There is a well established and accessible physical healthcare system in England so people are often less willing to embrace new ideas, althought there are generational and regional differences. The Scots and the Welsh are more willing, broadly, to innovate. However you can have wonderful technologies at your disposal but unless you have a change in patients' attitudes and behaviour across our cities then we won't see the benefits. That is the real challenge."

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