Tfl and Newham Council at Healthy Cities

Head of Strategy and Place for TfL, Lilli Matson, lead our transport discussion panel at Healthy Cities on 9th October 2017. Lilli laid out TfL’s new strategy which concentrates on improving the health of those travelling in London.

Through research, TfL has identified that the average person travelling spends 10-12 minutes walking to enable their journeys morning and evening, which is the minimum required to improve their health.

By 2041, TfL wants to see 80% of journeys involving walking or cycling as well as public transport, increasing by 64% the health benefits for people living in the city.

‘It is an ambitious target, closer to that in very dense cities such as Hong Kong, but our strategy looks closely at how we can enable people to plan, pay and use transport, seeing more active journeys along with enjoying cleaner air. We will be concentrating on providing more greenery on the streets, safe cycle routes and places to stop and rest. Our policies and pricing strategies are at the centre of this new healthy strategy' says Lilli.

Please view Lilli talking in the video above.

Robin Cooper, Head of Regeneration at Newham Council talked on the panel about the future connectivity in Newham at our Healthy Cities Forum. The borough's connections to the rest of London and to Europe will be enhanced by the opening of Cross Rail, more European destinations will be reached from both Stratford Eurostar station and London City Airport in the future, and the proposed Silver Town river crossing.