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Peabody whole-place philosophy

Peabody spoke at our Healthy Cities Forum on 9th October about the importance of a 'whole-place' philosophy in redeveloping the 1960s Thamesmead Estate. According to Director, John Lewis, this means not only removing some existing buildings and providing new homes, but making residents feel safe, providing jobs and a cultural centre with activities.

Designed in the 1960s by the GLC with its six lakes and five parks, it was an attractive place for people to move to from the then run-down areas of Shoreditch and Bermondsey. Houses were light-filled and even had baths - a luxury for some in those days.

Today, some buildings have decayed and need to be pulled down but what has been an on-going success are the 'green and blue' spaces within the development. The challenge according to Peabody is to get those who live there to get out more, walking and enjoying the planned new cultural district due to be built. Historically there has not been a cinema or even a bowling alley,

Thamesmead has a population of 46,000 and Peabody owns 65% of the land. Its plan is to build 35,000 new homes and is working with Bow Arts Trust to develop its cultural activities. It is one of the biggest regeneration projects in London.

Please watch John Lewis (above) speak about the future development of this famous estate.

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