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Arup curating sound for the city

As opera and art exhibitions are able to be viewed by a wider public through cinema, how is a high level of cultural experience maintained?

Arup's Principal - Art, Culture and Entertainment - Tateo Nakajima, says that it is still possible to create a unique and emotional experience for the audience even if they are not sitting in the opera venue or gallery.

Tateo talks about using 'acoustics in tandem with the spatial geometries, textures, light and colours to create spaces that elicit an emotional or even physical response'. However he comments that a particular opera project in New York taught him about creating a digital experience that is congruent with the live performance.

In conclusion, Tateo believes we should all be asking for a world where our sound environments - and particularly in public realm and culture spaces - are creating positive experience, ie it is not just about putting up with 'noise' Watch Tateo at our recent 'Art Investment and Cities' Forum explain how good management of sound enables connection:

Watch PLANE -SITE's film of contemporary concert halls Harpa in Reykjavik, the National Forum of Music (NFM) in Wroclaw and the Philharmonie de Paris. Harpa and NFM were designed by Arup and the video features Tateo and Edward Arenius, who lead the design of NFM and Harpa respectively:

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