Cultural Bankside research forum

Guests joined us at citizenM Bankside to discuss the current investment climate and the social, cultural and economic future of the area.

As our discussions began, we were mindful of Shakespeare's The Tempest, where Prospero speaks prophetically about 'the cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples, the great globe itself...shall dissolve...and leave not a rack behind.'

Charlotte Bourne, Deputy Head of Education at Shakespeare's Globe then began to describe the work that Sam Wanamaker's theatre carries out across the Bankside community and beyond, to maintain the interest in the organisation.

The theatre has been instrumental in re-building this quarter of London along with Tate Modern, but both look to corporate sponsors to maintain their position as cultural attractors to tourists, private and business residents.

Reflecting on the medieval street pattern around Borough Market, both Valerie Beirne of Bankside Urban Forest/Better Bankside and Trevor Morris, Founder and Director of SPPARC Architects stated how important it is in the development of this quarter to respect the history of the place and current buildings for future generations.

Relatively new to the area, Boodle Hatfield moved from Mayfair where the firm had been for 300 years to Banksid