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WYG hosts our housing and infrastructure round table

We are very grateful to WYG, for hosting our next round table this Friday,‘Towards the new City’ in its' new London office at 1 Angel Court in the City of London.

This event follows our City Hall, London, forum where key speaker, Chief Executive, of the National Infrastructure Commission, Phil Graham, spoke about the importance of joined up housing and infrastructure planning.

The round table will discuss WYG's reponse to the National Planning Policy Framework, as well as 'patient investment' and local authority collaboration with L&G Capital, future planning for social housing and regeneration of UK regional cities. (See video clip of Rachel Dickie, Head of Urban Regeneration at L&G Capital on collaboration with councils below)

Catalyst Homes, Swindon Borough Council and former Mayor of Lewisham and housing expert, Sir Steve Bullock will also be contributing.

WYG is an award-winning professional services firm operating from more than 50 locations across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia – driven by client service and underpinned by technical excellence. Among its business streams are infrastructure and the built environment along with planning and transport.

The firm has just issued its official response to the National Planning Policy Framework. The UK Government has concluded the consultation period for its revised draft of the framework (NPPF). WYG argues that in the framework, certain stakeholders in the planning process are not included to the extent that they ought to be and the importance of aligning strategies for housing and employment growth has been diluted.

L&G Capital's Head of Urban Regeneration, Rachel Dickie on collaboration with city councils

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