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Watch the web stream from our Future Cities 9

We are providing the link to our web stream from yesterday's forum, 'Intelligent Cities' at White City Place with our key speaker, Theo Blackwell, London Mayor's Chief Digital Officer:

After his presentation, he then joined our first panel discussion with Deloitte's Head of Transport, Simon Dixon (who has advised both TfL and the New York Metro) and Prema Gurunathan, Joint MD of Upstream, which has been developing the introduction of tech firms to the new White City hub,

Please view all our guests who contributed as the content was extremely high on the topics of data-driven cities - with comments on Barcelona, Toronto, Singapore and Columbus (Ohio), the regeneration of London districts into new science and creative hubs as well as planning perspectives on the government's new housing strategy.

Theo laid out the London Mayor's New Deal for City Data and described how the "humble lamppost" would be central to the roll-out of 5G and pollution sensors which will collect data on street air quality.

Martyn Chase from Stanhope PLC gave an excellent presentation about the development of the former BBC Television Centre in White City, while Mitsui Fudosan's David Height spoke in our panel discussion on science and tech hub creation in urban settings with Imperial College London's Director of Financial Strategy, John Anderson, and Daniel Hajjar of HOK Architects - who created the design for the Crick Institute at King's Cross St Pancras..

WYG''s Anne Clements and Bexley Co's Huw Lewis debated the need to plan housing around where jobs could be created - both light industrial and knowledge hubs - rather than creating more dormitories for London. The Royal College of Art's Dr Tarsha Finney added that we must look at different typologies for housing, in order to address the great pockets of isolation that exist, especially around the elderly.

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