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Place-making and the high street

At our next Future Cities Forum on 10th October we will be hearing from Debbie Jackson, the Assistant Director for Regeneration and Economic Development at the Greater London Authority, and we are delighted that she will be speaking on our first panel of the morning, looking at economic growth and place-making for the high street.

The panel discussion - which will be held at the Westworks, White City Place, W12 - will complement the opening presentation by Rachel Fisher, Deputy Director, Regeneration and Infrastructure at the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

Debbie's team plays a key role in delivering the Mayor’s Good Growth agenda through innovative programmes for social and physical infrastructure, London’s skill base and London’s civic economy. These in turn act as catalysts for London’s continued growth and as exemplars for regeneration practice across the capital.

Debbie is also responsible for the Economic Development and Food Strategies and the Mayor’s work to support businesses and an economy that works for all Londoners.

Across Debbie's programmes she is responsible for a budget of over £400m delivering cross cutting outcomes relating to high streets, infrastructure, workspace, cultural, education, business and regeneration projects.

Debbie has worked in London's public sector – formerly Westminster and Lambeth local authorities and the London Development Agency – for 20 years and in Regeneration for 15 years.

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