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KPMG and infrastructure funding

We are delighted that Adam Mason, Director of Infrastructure Strategy and Funding at KPMG LLP is joining our Future Cities Forum debates next week on 22nd November at Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

Adam who is an economist by background, having worked at the Department of Transport and also as Commercial Director for Deutsche Bahn Arriva's UK rail business development team, will be speaking on our first panel of the morning with Professor Sadie Morgan, founding architect of dRMM and NIC Commissioner, and joined by Liam McKay, Corporate Affairs Director at London City Airport and Huw Lewis, CEO of Bexley Co.

His work at KPMG focuses on bringing together public and private sector parties looking to deliver new infrastructure and development projects, through aligning their economic and commercial proposals.

Adam works with a broad range of transport operators, local government bodies, infrastructure providers, investors and financial institutions.

Our discussions will look at joined up and people-centred infrastructure, government and private investment into our current infrastructure led developments in the UK, expansion of airports and connections to Crossrail plus the future success of the Thames Gateway.

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