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Arup collaboration launches a national network of the Electric Forecourt

Arup will be speaking at our June forum at London City Hall on providing state-of-the-art sustainable new electric charging infrastructure across the UK.

The Electric Forecourt is the new generation of filling station designed to meet the demands of the electric vehicle market.

Arup's Lead Designer, Ricky Sandhu who will be speaking at our forum said:

' Our design for the Electric Forecourt enables electric vehicle utilisation for all making it easier and more accessible to charge cars, fleets, HGVs, mitigating range and charge anxiety and providing a unique customer experience never seen before.

'A truly pioneering project and we look forward to developing our design with GRIDSERVE, implementing the fuel station of the future around the country and empowering our growing urban populations to choose a cleaner more sustainable way of life.'

Each Electric Forecourt will have dedicated zone for both private and fleet vehicles, such as taxis, buses, delivery vehicles and heavy goods vehicles and offer a new and compelling customer-focussed charging experience.

It will take less than 30-minutes to charge most vehicles and during this time drivers will be able to take advantage of a range of facilities including a coffee shop, fresh food, convenience supermarket and airport-style lounge with high-speed internet, which will also serve as an education centre and hub to explore a broad range of electric vehicle solutions.

The design has been developed around a number of key principles which will include a modular design which is scalable and can largely be developed off-site, an approach to construction which reduces the wet trades on site, considered landscape design and replacement planting and a considered lighting strategy with inclined facades and external louvers to limit light spill.

Construction is scheduled to start on the first sites later this year.

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