Tax the warehouse not the high street

We opened our forum this week with a discussion panel talking about 'the controlled staging of cities', the special challenges of transport hubs, the continued success of out of town retail parks and the future of shopping tied to 'culture'.

Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour (pictured on the far right of the picture above) spoke about his experience of working on the Barangaroo district master-plan, with its 'controlled city staging' of the regeneration of the Sydney Harbour inner suburb, the transforming of the 'out of fashion' bullring in Barcelona into a new mixed use development, the highly successful Ashford out of town retail park, that excites not only domestic shoppers but also European visitors and the Montparnasse masterplan which is re-shaping a 1970's neighbourhood around contemporary climate change concerns.

'Down on the ground the mixed use Barangaroo is highly successful, not just for those working and living there but for tourists and visitors. It's highly choreographed - which prevents a drop to the lowest common denominator.'