East West Railway set to boost CaMkOx Arc

Future Cities Forum is delighted that Will Gallagher, Strategy Director, East West Railway Company (EWR Co.) will be speaking at our 20th November forum in Cambridge - 'Science cities'.

EWR was set up by the government in 2017 as an arm's length body to develop a new rail line to connect Oxford with Cambridge via Bedford. By creating a new direct rail connection between these cities, it will serve the communities along the route, bringing faster journey times, lower transport costs as well as easing the pressure on local roads.

The company is working with Network Rail and the East West Rail Alliance to deliver the western section between Oxford and Bedford, while leading the delivery of the central section between Bedford and Cambridge. EWR also collaborates with the East West Rail Consortium which is a group of local authorities committed to improving access to and from East Anglia and the Milton Keynes South Midlands Growth Area.