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Our 2020 infrastructure and development forum

Exchange Square, City of London - built above Liverpool Street Station tracks (LCR Property)

Future Cities Forum: Infrastructure 2020

11 February 2020, 9 am to 2pm

Venue: Herbert Smith Freehills

Exchange House, Primrose Street, London, EC2


We begin a new year of transport and infrastructure Future Cities Forum discussions in 2020, potentially having left the EU and with a new government. How will our economy be faring post Brexit? New connections will be forged around the world for trade and the UK economy will be looking to current and future infrastructure to connect our cities and attract foreign investment.

The government has begun a new drive on infrastructure. In the recent Queen’s speech, it pledged a revamped national infrastructure strategy designed to help support growth across the UK, as well as an aviation bill and proposals for rail reform. A long-term vision has been laid out to improve the nation’s digital, transport and energy infrastructure. But who wins the election remains to be seen.

Our first infrastructure forum of 2020 will be held at the law firm Herbert Smith Freehills on 11th February. There will be three panel discussions, two workshops, coffee on arrival and lunch to complete the morning's networking. Those participants contributing to our discussions will be publicised through our on-line communications programme, research will be gathered and published from our round table workshops and a report will be compiled to summarise key findings for government, investors and city leadership.


9 am Coffee and networking

9.30 am Key speaker address

9.45 am Panel 1 – Building the UK economy through future infrastructure investment

10.15 am Workshop 1: Planning infrastructure for towns, cities with joined -up housing

10.45 am Panel 2 – Creating better connectivity (roads/rail), sustainable and low carbon housing developments and devolving power to UK cities

11.15 am Panel 3 – Airport expansion, climate change and foreign trade

11.45 am Workshop 2: New models for energy networks, digital infrastructure and utilities

12.15 pm Feedback and conclusion

12.30 pm Lunch

1.15 pm Close

Questions to be posed at the forum:

What direction should the UK government’s drive on infrastructure be taking in 2020?

Is there evidence that the current UK road infrastructure programme is working and genuinely making for better connections between UK cities?

Will the economy of the north of England stall under any re-direction of rail investment and will attention be focussed on rail infrastructure that connects us back to Europe?

How can a balance be struck between creating airport expansion to encourage foreign trade and protecting UK citizens’ rights against noise and air pollution?

How does the UK government’s policies on expanded infrastructure tie in with a drive to combat climate change?

How are local authorities coping with devolved responsibilities in tackling climate change, especially on energy and transport?

Will the National Infrastructure Commission manage to change policy for energy regulators to insist on long-term energy and digital infrastructure investment?

Join us for a morning of exciting debate and important networking.

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