Signature roof installation at All England Lawn Tennis Club

CGI of view towards Newstead Road of the All England Lawn Tennis Club's Somerset Road covered courts project (Hopkins Architects)

City populations are currently unable to attend sporting events due to Covid-19 lockdowns and the sports industry continues to be severely impacted by the pandemic. Future Cities Forum is preparing an important discussion forum on the future of sport in the UK and across the world. What will happen to investment plans for new stadia, sports arena-linked developments and what will be the fall-out from Coronavirus on the regeneration of cities?

Construction has continued in the UK, pushed on and supported by the government to 'build back better'. Winter will give way to summer and sporting events may return to include spectators albeit with social distancing. So with the future ahead of us, it is interesting to note recent architectural developments for sporting venues.

Cundall reports that the new signature roof at the All England Tennis Club's Somerset Road project is being lifted into place. The double-curved