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GAIL's fresh design

Gone are the glass counters and a barrier to bread! Gail's has stripped back the design of its cafes encouraging hungry customers to engage with artisan loaves. Add in some chrome lights, high quality coffee and modern wooden tables and you have a recipe for success in the baking trade.

It is this very openness - you can sit up to the table where food is prepared and cooked - that seems to have created such a fan-club following at Gail's. Community is all important to the brand and store managers are expected to play a role with neighbourhood committees.

Research seems to suggest that this approach is increasingly popular with millennials, who don't have the baking know-how that older generations possess and want a bit of help in knowing how to cook brioche French toast or Shakshuka..

Gail's doesn't just sell bread, but cakes, biscuits, breakfast and lunch snacks. If you are feeling the final pinch post Brexit, then it is easier and arguably more enjoyable to treat yourself to a super fresh loaf of artisan bread than a full-blown meal at an expensive restaurant.

Marketing Director, Romy Miller joined our Future Cities Forum 2 to tell us about what makes Gail's so special:

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