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Future Cities Forum 3: redefining luxury

The untold story of how luxury is being redefined started with Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Gray from developer Native Land speaking about the ideal of 'craftsmanship' that is the gold standard in all their projects, along with a focus on social housing and high-quality landscaping.

As organisers of the Future Cities Forum we have felt so often these features are overlooked in the media when discussing new mixed residential developments in London.

We were also delighted that Liam Bailey, Global Director of Research from Knight Frank, anchored the discussion by explaining the inspiration for the company's Wealth Report, and then pinpointing property investment trends for 2017.

Dr Timothy Jackson, an academic and journalist working for Glasgow Caledonian University and the Financial Times explained how concepts of 'legitimacy' are becoming vital to modern day high-end brands, while London stores manager from La Martina, Martin Ambridge, discussed the polo equipment heritage that informs the brand and which inspired this autumn's clothing collection.

Director of Make Architects, Katy Ghahremani talked about the revitalised nickel and chrome stripped back to the thirties glamour look which she has brought back to the Harrods escalator halls, and the designs for the new super brands floor - work that continues for her team next year.

Contemporary art and gallery space also had its place in our forum with Damien Whitmore, Global Chief Creative and Marketing Officer at Phillips, speaking about the journey of redefining the auction house into a clicks and mortar education hub for visual culture..

See our guests' contributions below:

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