Shipshape waterfront regeneration for Dundee

Dundee City Council is approaching the completion of a 20 year project to redevelop the important quayside and gateway to the city by the Tay Bridge.

Behind this journey was a desire to rebuild the mish-mash of 60's and 70's brutalist buildings, roads and ramps that paid little head to the needs of pedestrians.

Mike Galloway, the city's planning director, who has experience of working in Glasgow and cities in England, stressed that the project for the city's' front door' was essential to influence outsiders' perception of Dundee. The objective was to produce a mixed use urban quarter.

Kevin Murray Associates, planning consultancy, advised the council in the 90's not to leap into a master plan but to look at all the possible future scenarios. The council publicly consulted on 20 different scenarios and then reduced this to an ideas shortlist which achieved a 90% approval rating from the public.