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Fears over labour shortage in UK construction

The Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council, Graham Watts, has warned there may be significant problems ahead for built environment projects through the exit of foreign skilled workers from the UK.

His fears come following the Brexit vote and are based on knowledge gained from his position at the CIC.

Some workers may now feel it financially better to go back to their countries of origin or some just may not now feel welcome in the UK, he claims.

There is to be a fifth inquiry into the impact of future skills needs in the construction industry by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment. It has called on organisations, businesses and individuals to submit evidence on the likely effect of Brexit on the construction industry skill pool and what the government could do to mitigate losses.

The Commission of Inquiry will be chaired by Oliver Colville MP who said:

" On the 23rd June, the British people voted to leave the EU. One of the key issues in this historic decision was the free movement of people. British industry has regularly had to depend on finding skilled labour from within the EU. Therefore it is timely that the APPG for Excellence in the Built Environment looks into the skills gap and how leaving the EU will affect that gap."

Watch the Future Cities Forum interview with Graham Watts below:

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