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Zurich - luxury holiday destination

This summer Future Cities Forum will be looking at the impact of museum design as well as the development of luxury city destinations as part of our regeneration event at Burlington House, London.

Zurich must surely be one of the most luxurious city breaks, with its stunning lake, view of the snowcapped Alps on the horizon, 100 art galleries, 17th century old town to explore and hiking expeditions on the Uetliberg mountain.

Prehistoric settlements have been discovered on the banks of the lower part of the lake and the city has been inhabited since the Roman times. The name Zurich possibly comes from the Celtic, 'dur' or water. The oldest church in the city is St Peter's which is thought to have been built originally on the site of a Roman palace.

In the 13th century, the famous city walls were constructed and the surviving twisting lanes, houses, guild and town halls from the Renaissance period anchor Zurich's charm. The Grossmunster (Great Minster) is the city's landmark. St Peter's has Europe's largest clockface and the Fraumunster (Minister of Our Lady) is known for its stain glass windows by Giacometti and Chagall.

Quick to access, with Zurich airport only ten minutes ride away from the centre, this is a city that is easy to visit. The peace and quiet of the Uetliberg mountain for walking is another five minute rail journey from the centre and the rail connections to the Glacier Express takes visitors up to the luxury resorts of St Moritz and Pontresina. Both have high-end apartments to invest in. 'Grace' is a new hotel development due to open in St Moritz next year.

Please contact us to speak or attend our event on 14th June 2017.

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