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Cranfield University and airport design

German architect, Henrik Rothe joins Future Cities Forum on 6th March at IET to discuss the future of airport design as part of our 'Smart Cities' panel discussion.

Henrik who runs his own practice, leit-werk in London, has 35 airport projects to his name, dealing in concept, development space and connectivity. In 2014, he decided to carry out university research into the new idea of ID cards to speed up passenger processing. He is a Senior Lecturer in Airport Planning/Management at Cranfield's Centre for Air Transport Management.

Globally recognised as a leading centre for research and teaching, Cranfield study areas include airline economics, airline and airport networks, airline marketing and the commercialisation of airports. Students benefit from close connections with Monarch, London Gatwick, easy Jet and Qatar Airways.

Henrik predicts that designs of the future will revolve around making airports "go-to" destinations in themselves. Some airports will be providing more video screen entertainment that can also engage the passenger in essential information during the journey through the process of catching a plane. Airports which are concentrating on costs will also be working with new technologies to process passengers faster.

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