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MoreySmith on heritage and design

We are are very pleased that Linda Morey-Burrows will join our discussion panel on "new uses for heritage assets" at Burlington House on 13 June. Linda is the Founder and Principal of MoreySmith, an interior design and architecture practice she established in 1993: the culmination of a distinguished 34 year career in the industry.

Linda is renowned for her refurbishment of heritage buildings, as well as her creative application of workplace psychology. She has responded to the social trend for expressive and people centred environments, and produces spaces that go one step beyond to deliver a connection between private London and the public sphere, contributing signficantly to the urban landscape.

MoreySmith has built an impressive client list of leading global brands, innovative property developers and renowned media companies. The London-based prcatice has RIBA Chartered Practice accreditation and currently employs 32 people, working on a range of workplace, development, residential and leisure projects.

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