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The High Street in 2027

Aviva Investors has painted a vision of the future of the high street as one of the consumer demanding 'experiences' rather than more and more 'shopping'.

Associate Director in the real estate team, Darren Freed was speaking at our fifth Future Cities Forum at Burlington House, London, where he explained that the millennial generation does not want to 'purchase lots of stuff' but is keen to go to destinations for 'experiences'.

Darren has been asset managing successful food and restaurant quarters in cities like Exeter and spoke in detail of the new Queen Street dining area (pictured above) which has revived the 1970s Guildhall shopping centre near the Royal Albert Museum. A medieval church stands at the centre of the development with newly built 'amphitheatre-style steps' where Darren feels there could be live street theatre performed, and other outdoor events.

Creating interactive experiences will save the high street he says and will be a draw for shoppers coming in to eat and enjoy themselves.

Watch Darren at our forum below:

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