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Birmingham's post-war regeneration

Paradise, Birmingham. Courtesy, Argent

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is giving free access to a new exhibition featuring the city's post-war transformative developments. The exhibition which is open until the end of August is show casing a £700 million regeneration project called 'Paradise'.

Forming part of a wider study called 'Change in the Inner City', visitors can view some of the early architectural models from the Paradise Masterplan along side other post-war developments including the civic redevelopment model designed by architect Samuel Nathaniel Cooke in 1941.

Argent, the developer behind Paradise, is including a hotel, new offices, retail and public realm in its scheme and believes the project is opening up views of some of the city's best buildings.

The exhibition features the perspectives of those working on the project and visitors are able to view the exhibition and then step out to see it in context as the museum is next door to the development.

This month, Richard Cowell, Assitant Director, Planning and Regeneration from Birmingham City Council, who has been leading the public realm changes in the city, spoke at our forum. He described how many of the streets and public areas are being given back to the pedestrian in transformative work that is making Birmingham not only a more attractive place to live a work, but a healthier environment.

View what Richard had to say about the way Birmingham has changed since the 1970s and join us at our next forum in October (details on our forums page) where we will focus on emerging 'healthy cities' worldwide:

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