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Cultural destinations for 2018

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow. Image courtesy -

Why do some cities remain popular to visitors looking for a rich cultural experience year after year and others slide off the tourist trail?

Glasgow has been listed as one of the '52 Places to Go in 2018' by the New York Times and Dr Bridget McConnell, Chief Executive of Glasgow Life will be at Future Cities Forum this Thursday, RIBA, London to explain why.

Holiday packages are being sold around Jean Novel's Louvre Abu Dhabi which opened last November, but the museum says its origins date back to 2007 when France and the United Arab Emirates came together to develop a new type of cultural institution. Its aim is to 'tell the stories of human creativity that transcend individual cultures or civilisations...championing the cultural achievements of mankind from pre-history to the modern day'.

Closer to home in Europe, Brussels is attracting visitors to its Citroen factory before it becomes Citroen Cultural Centre in 2019.

In Barcelona, the restoration has taken place of Gaudi's Casa Vincens and has now opened for the first time in its 130 year history.

The tiny island of Porquerolles off the coast of St Tropez, France is playing host to a new non profit arts venue opening this year, displaying the collection of pop art by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein collected by artist, Edouard Carmignac.

Back in the UK and with museums as one of the biggest attractions that the UK has to offer, the Museums Association says there have been several attempts to produce a national museum strategy for England, but these have so far been unsuccessful.

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