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Grimshaw evolves modular construction

Grimshaw / SG Blocks Innovation Centre

Grimshaw Architects has partnered with a leading designer of container-based products in a continued move towards concentrating on modular methods of construction.

SG Blocks is providing tested container technology to complement Grimshaw's design vision across current and future projects.

The projects will cover projects of all typologies, from housing to galleries.

'SG Blocks is at the forefront of innovating in the modular space. The firm's vision and ability to be sustainable and efficient truly resonates with us and we are thrilled to be partnering with such a pioneering disruptor of the construction space', said Andrew Whalley, Deputy Chairman, Grimshaw.

Future Cities Forum recently ran a filmed discussion panel on mortgage innovation and modular construction with Cambridge Building Society, Oxford Brookes University and the Building Societies Association.

The BSA said there is still a perception problem about the terms used in the topic, such as pre-fabrication, but if a phrase like precision-engineered is used, there is a much better response.

Mortgage providers and professional surveyors along with home-buyers, says Paul Broadhead, Head of Mortgage Policy at the BSA, sometimes display distrust over modular innovation and offsite construction, so it is important to get the language right if this vital area is to move forward.

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