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Sheffield City Council CEO at our City Hall London forum

The Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, John Mothersole, will be speaking at our City Hall London event in June this year. John joined the council in 1998 and has been closely involved in the regeneration of the city centre.

His previous role was as Executive Director of Development, Environment and Leisure. His remit has also covered the City's green heritage, the sustainability agenda, transport, culture and planning.

Prior to coming to Sheffield, he spent seven years as a Director of the London Borough of Camden and before that was the Arts Development Officer for Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Sheffield is described as the second Northern Powerhouse and last May Sheffield City Region elected a mayor for the first time, to promote it as a place to live, work, visit and invest in and work with central government on shared goals. New infrastructure and transport is essential for the future regeneration of the city and planning work is well underway on the new HS2 station which will be within easy reach of the city centre.

In addition to the Heart of the City II project, regeneration is also focused on the Castlegate and Exchange Place area, where the plan is to attract businesses and residential by improving the environment with meadows, trees, sustainable drainage and improved walking and cycling routes.

Our City Hall London forum will focus on regeneration, planning, transport and energy as this is an important year for the UK in terms of developing vital infrastructure for economic advancement and social cohesion.

Last year at City Hall, Phil Graham, Chief Executive of the National Infrastructure Commission opened our discussions on the need for joined-up infrastructure and housing.

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