Our September forum on transport hubs, mixed use and housing projects.

Our September forum will be held next to the O2 at Ravensbourne University London, which sits at the centre of an expanding area of new housing, education and transport. Extensive development is taking place at Greenwich Peninsula and this part of London faces the emerging and internationally important cultural hub of East Bank across the Thames.

Foreign Office Architects designed and completed the university building, which is composed of 28,000 anodised aluminium tiles in three different shapes and colours. The tiled façade is perforated with round windows of varying sizes, with two rows of windows per floor to provide views of the surrounding city. The ground floor incorporates 1,700 meters square of public retail space. The new building is designed to stimulate the environment and working practices of creative professionals.

Valuable research will be created through our workshop round tables at this September event, as we draw together leading figures in infrastructure, transport, mixed-use development and housing investment. Please join us to benefit from high-level networking and insight from our discussions.