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EDF Renewables joins our energy discussion panel this month

Above: Marianne Costigan, Head of Private Wire, EDF Renewables (Courtesy EDF)

Future Cities Forum is delighted that Marianne Costigan, Head of Private Wire at EDF Renewables UK will be joining our 'Infrastructure, Energy, Construction and Place' event this month as well as our Oxford 'Science Cities' forum in June at Jesus College, Oxford.

After a long career in the tech sector, Marianne joined the Pivot Power team in 2019, shortly before the company was acquired by EDF Renewables. Her team now develops EV Charging Networks located close to the company's grid-scale battery energy storage locations, making best use of scare resources and bringing local benefit to communities near our storage assets, including Oxford. EDF Renewables’ ability to offer scalable multi-megawatt capacity is of particular interest to ultra-rapid charge point operators for vehicles on longer journeys as well as depot-based commercial fleets of larger vehicles, including buses.


This week EDF Renewables UK has launched its General Election manifesto. it states:

'By delivering the right projects, we will help the UK stay at the forefront of the energy revolution. The EDF Renewables UK manifesto sets out the five priorities we believe are crucial to enabling the country to realise its net zero ambitions and accelerate that journey.

'These priorities are a roadmap to net zero is required immediately, improving contracts for difference mechanism. They are: deliver the grid, renewables skills, education and training focus and an ambitious and robust UK industrial strategy. We know there is a great opportunity ahead of us as we grow our green economy working towards a net zero future.

'It is in the interests of everyone across the UK to find urgent solutions to these key industry issues – not just in terms of decarbonisation, but also because it provides the best value for consumers.

'Getting energy policy right will be crucial for the next Government in order to see the just transition come to fruition. EDF Renewables UK will play an important part in this and we look forward to launching more projects and creating more clean energy.'

EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics, a 100% subsidiary of EDF Group specialising in hydrogen, secured funding some months ago from the government’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF) for their North East-based Tees Green Hydrogen project.

Tees Green Hydrogen, is a pioneering proposal to produce hydrogen using electrolysis, powered by electricity from EDF Renewables UK’s portfolio, including power from the proposed Tees Solar farm project, which EDF Renewables UK has submitted plans for near Redcar.

The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund is a £240 million programme overseen by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, aiming to support the commercial deployment of hydrogen production projects across the UK as part of the UK Government’s wider decarbonisation strategy.

The project will provide a boost to local industry and transport by supplying green hydrogen to support decarbonisation efforts and achieve a significant reduction in industrial pollution, securing its long-term sustainability. 

EDF Renewables UK will now progress towards Phase 1 of the project. In its initial phase, the electrolyser will have a 7.5MW capacity. It is hoped that work could begin on site in 2025, with the facility operational by 2026. Future phases will seek to deliver up to 300MW in Teesside before 2030.

Above: Oxford Bus Company bus outside the Queen's College in March 2024

Oxford Bus Company will deliver 104 electric buses into service and Stagecoach 55. Working with Zenobē, the UK’s leading fleet electrification specialist, Oxford Bus Company has installed 104 charging points at its Cowley House depot, with Stagecoach also installing 55 chargers at the the Network Oxford site. The charging hubs are powered by EDF Energy’s Oxford Superhub network, providing enough electricity to charge all 159 buses, enough for each bus to drive up to 200 miles per day. 


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