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University of Sheffield and innovation in water systems research

The ageing infrastructure and expanding populations of our cities threaten the efficient and safe water supply that many businesses and individuals take for granted. If future cities are to function and survive western economies need to invest in innovation. Therefore we are discussing the challenges to this vital resource at our next forum on 6th March 2017 at The Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Looking for expert knowledge on the subject, it became clear that we should be talking to academic researchers at Sheffield University and invite Joby Boxall, Professor of Water Infrastructure Engineering to speak.

This month Sheffield Water Centre took part in an event at Whitehall after winning the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's Grand Challenge for 'Sustainable Water for all' at Twenty65's official launch. Sheffield University has been chosen to work with five other universities on meeting water challenges over the next 50 years. The University has a long track record in water research and is home to the internationally renowned Penine Water Group.

Professor Boxall's research interests are in understanding and modelling hydraulic, water quality and infrastructure performance throughout the natural and urban environment. He is research manager leading the stimulation and development of a strategic programme of research for portable water distribution systems within the Penine Water Group (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council platform grant centre) and the Yorkshire Water Services strategic partnership. Professor Boxall will be discussing what will it take to engage the sector in the vital debate about the long term maintenance and sustainability of our water supplies and how is university research helping to meet our needs over the next 50 years.

To find out more about Joby's research and grants click :

Twenty65 which aims to look at the increasing challenges and pressures on our water supply comments:

'The UK benefits from a continuous supply of clean water to houses and business 24 hours a day but the processes used to deliver this are energy and chemically intensive. With an ageing infrastructure, growing population and impact from climate change there needs to be on-going research into how we build resilience, efficiency and adaptability into our systems, networks and catchments. Disruptive innovations and safe technologies are called for'.

Funded initially by EPSRC, Twenty65 aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and the wider water industry bringing together efforts together to enable entirely new ways of thinking - the mission to deliver sustainable tailored water solutions with a positive impact for public health, the environment, economy and society.

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