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Coaching for leadership

Coaching on the finer points of interview technique isn't just for university graduates. Often senior leadership positions are offered on the basis of how well candidates communicate.

Our research shows that modern organisations are looking for good listening skills as well as management technique. The emotional awareness vital for leading people is always based in good communication. In turn being able to teach this leadership approach to all levels of staff is essential. Leadership skills instilled in junior staff make for strong workforces as they evolve and lower staff turnover.

At Future Cities Forum we provide an environment where senior leaders can discuss their communication strengths and weaknesses in confidence and then receive the necessary coaching not only to be successful at interview but take those skills into their new position. A leader that is supported in this way is also able to access on-going coaching during their first year of the role.

We use a combination of assessment tools and performance management techniques to extend and refine communication styles enabling leaders to find their unique voice.

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