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Future Cities Forum news stream

At the Future Cities Forum we are continually talking to journalists around the world about future city issues and developments. News outlets have been briefed about our forum on the 6th March and on-going conversations will take place after the forum about the participants and organisations that they represent. However, as well as connecting attendees at our forums for future business we consider Future Cities Forum as a news outlet in its own right.

We film our events to create our own video releases and our blog is published on a weekly basis which profiles forum speakers and news stories that are then featured on the internet.

On the 6th March at the IET, all discussions will be filmed and audio recorded and clips will be uploaded to our web site. Please check our site regularly for updates.

Individual interviews will be carried out during the welcome coffee at 10 am and our networking lunch between 1pm and 2pm. These will be offered to national newspapers.

After the event, if you would like your organisation featured on our profile pages please get in contact with us.

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