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Ford - driverless cars survey

Ford is to start testing autonomous cars on European roads this autumn after its survey reveals that drivers would welcome using the driving time more productively and they would be happy to let their children travel alone.

Self-driving technology was shown in the survey as best for commuting or going out for drinks.

Out of 5,000 people surveyed, 80% they would spend time relaxing and look at the scenery, 72% would chat on the phone and 64% would have a bite to eat while reading books and watching movies. Driverless cars could even spell the end of the mum-school run with 16% happy to let their children travel alone.

Plans have been announced for a driverless car-sharing service in the US by 2021 and Ford feels it is important to extend testing to Europe. The survey was carried out in the UK, France, Germany, Norway and Spain and Ford plans to become a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehcles, the customer experience, data and analytics. Particular care is taken to test driveless cars in snow and at night using its 32-acre full-scale simulated real-world urban environment at the University of Michigan in the US.

Future Cities Forum will be returning to smart city technology at its next sustainability event.

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