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IKEA moves into smart lighting your home

IKEA's new smart lighting collection arrives in UK stores this month, complete with an app that allows homeowners to personalise their lighting set-up through their phone or tablet.

It is a move that IKEA says is to help homeowners achieve smart lighting on an affordable basis. The new range is a plug and play solution, with no need for hard wiring. Home owners just switch to a TRADFRI LED bulb to enable them to adjust their lighting.

In the autumn, the app will be updated with an 'Away from Home' function which will enable users to remotely turn lights on if their plans change, set lights to timers and check to see if they have remembered to turn off lights. The range starts from £15 for a kit.

Users can choose a light setting for different times of day and turn up or dim as wanted. IKEA says it has carried out research to show that small changes in lighting can affect homeowners' wellbeing - with cold light suited for learning and warm for relaxing and is the obvious next step to help people live a better life at home. Individuals within the home can design their own lighting moods and looks.

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