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Zaha-Hadid Architects experiments with new materials technology

A stunning white sculpture based on floral leaf patterns has gone on show in Milan to demonstrate Zaha-Hadid Architects' determination to experiment with advanced manufacturing techniques.

'Thallus for White in the City' is displayed at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and is created by additive manufacture as well as hot-wire cutting technology. The firm's research group is continuing to investigate into robotic assisted design. 'Thallus' is the Greek word for flora which has no differentiation between stem and leaf.

Six-axis robotic 3D printing technology has created the 7km structural strip as a continuous line which repeatedly loops to connect with itself on a ruled surface.

Future Cities Forum is interested in the science of modern materials for construction and will be looking at this topic in its next smart cities forum.

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