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Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust at our Healthy Cities forum

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust has been at the forefront of using art to speed patient recovery and to enable faster clinical procedures.

Trystan Hawkins, Director of Patient Environment at CW+ (the charity for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) has been able to show clear cost benefits from visual and performing arts interventions in hospital settings.

Trystan will be speaking on this topic at our Healthy Cities forum to be held at The Crystal Building, Royal Victoria Docks, London on 9th October.

CW+ is currently working on projects to improve outcomes in A&E, intensive care and neo-natal intensive care where there is pressure to reduce the development neuro-psychological conditions that can last a lifetime. These, if not treated promptly, can become costly due to longer term drug treatments and appointments.

Children appear to respond well to visual and musical distractions when undergoing blood extraction and bandage changing. One of the aims is to cut down on the use of morphine during bandage removal for burns victims.

The Trust's art collection has museum status and the board of directors is fully behind the programme of art and the designed environment.. CW+ is also rolling out its work to the West Middlesex NHS Trust.

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