Night-time economy and city regeneration

University College London has been inviting research papers exploring transport and mobility around the night time economy for a symposium that is due to take place on 17th October 2017.

The quality of research is often in the standard of questions asked and UCL is exploring further than before in this area of the economy with debate on topics such as: day/night variation in crime by transport modes, cultural and ecological relationship with darkness and travel (speed, senses, emotion), transport effects on air quality at night, 'weak links' in intra-city and intercity transport services and challenges associated with reducing airline flights to protect climate.

City Hall has been promoting the idea of London's night time economy highlighting the fact that it is a key driver of economic and cultural regeneration with a contribution to the London's annual GDP of over £26 million. By 2029 this is expected to rise to over £28 million. To the whole of the UK the figure is closer to £66 billion, employing over a million people.