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Patrik Schumacher - Healthy Cities 'Walkable London'

We are now making available Patrik Schumacher's full presentation from our Healthy Cities Forum held on 9th October 2018.

Patrik is Principal at Zaha Hadid Architects and has been talking to the Mayor of London and the Crown Estate about plans to create a network of pedstrian walkways crossing the Capital.

At Healthy Cities, he explained that this would take the idea of "walkable London" well beyond the pedestrianised historic centres that are found in European cities, or the existing network of shopping precincts such as Covent Garden in London.

Please watch our video of Patrik above discussing his vision of creating a 'walkable London', demonstrating how pedestrian routes could be mapped out.

We are extremely appreciative of the time Patrik took to deliver his thesis to Future Cities Forum and the on-line resource that this has provided us.

Patrik remains one of the great architects and built environment thinkers of our time.

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