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BAM on creating buildings with brains

As the UK government this week announced extra funding in its new industrial strategy for developing Artificial Intelligence, Andrew Pryke, of BAM Construction, has been advocating the importance of continuing to push ahead with AI use within the built environment.

He says that despite warnings from Stephen Hawking over the growth of 'a fleet of artificial intelligence enhanced robots capable of destroying mankind', AI has tremendous potential to 'transform the way we operate buildings and as an industry we must start thinking now about its adoption and the associated implications.

'By connecting AI to a building management system (BMS) and sensors within the asset, we can create what in effect is a 'brain' for the building, which is constantly processing the information it receives and responding accordingly...The brain could carry out tasks such as identifying incidents before they happen..or creating schedules and processes that improve the efficiency of the entire building's daily operations...while in the future it may be possible to connect brains from multiple buildings so they can share collective learning and do things better across the board'

Andrew does however admit that AI has its flaws as in the recent NHS cyber attack WannaCry worm affected one third of all NHS health trusts and says there needs to be further work to ensure building safety. The NHS says it is now investing £20 million to set up a security operations centre employing 'ethical hackers' to detect weaknesses.

Meanwhile extensive remodelling by BAM Construction London has been completed to the former KPMG offices in Salisbury Square in the City, adding 30% net lettable area.

The original design by TP Bennett architects has been re-worked through a £45.5 million scheme with Greycoat Properties creating 156,000 sq ft grade A office space, featuring fine porcelain stone flooring and double-height ground floor reception.

Please join us at our Future Housing, Regeneration and Work places Forum in May 2018 at City Hall, London.

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