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New infrastructure for the North

Middlesbrough Mayor, David Budd, will be speaking at our 8th May Forum 'The Making of the Modern City' about the new four-year council funded investment programme in the town, that aims to turn it into the centre of Teesside.

The project will create around 5,000 jobs with a new Media and Innovation Village, new offices around Central Square along with private rented accommodation, executive-style houses and affordable housing, The project is spread across 57 hectares of land with 1.7 million sq ft of business space.

Middlebrough is a large post-industrial town on the south bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire, founded in 1830 becoming a global centre for iron and steel during the Victorian age.

The council will provide the budget over the next four years and it is hoped that in turn this will bring in £625 million investment into the town.

Middlehaven Dock Bridge and Road Project is part of a £68 million infrastructure and economic development project due for completion this summer. Balfour Beatty is making progress on the new 30m lifting bridge and 750m long link road.

Stephen Semple, Balfour Beatty Managing Director for North & Midlands East Delivery Unit, said: 'We've drawn on our experience to overcome numerous challenges including the need to work with the changing tides. We used precast concrete units to avoid the need to construct the bridge in situ which speeded up delivery and was the safest way to deliver the project'.

Image courtesy of Balfour Beatty

With a university, cathedral and new infrastructure, councillors are keen to refer to Middlesbrough as a city rather than a town, despite being turned down for city status in 2012.

Join us at our Future Cities Forum in May where National Infrastructure Commissioner, Professor Sadie Morgan and Chief Executive of Peabody, Brendan Sarsfield will be speaking.

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