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New architecture for Open House 2018

Here East (above - designed by Hawkins Brown) is central to redeveloping the Stratford / Olympic Park cultural quarter of London with investments from Loughborough University, BT Sport and UCL / The Bartlett.

The US Embassy, the Aga Khan Centre and The Bartlett's new site at Here East are all to be included in this year's Open House 2018 to take place this September. A pop out map sponsored by Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation revealing its new developments will be available to pick up on site.

Future Cities Forum's inaugural event in 2016 featured The Bartlett's Professor of Places and City Planning, Peter Rees talking about the future of London and the challenges of tall buildings. This famous school of architecture is moving from Bloomsbury to the East of London where a new cultural and knowledge quarter is being created. Please watch the video below with Professor Michael Caine, Dean of Loughborough University London filmed at Here East.

In another move, the US Embassy has changed its location from Mayfair to Nine Elms in South London but has courted controversy when President Donald Trump refused to visit it after considering it to be sited in a less than impressive location. Discussions turned at our cultural Mayfair round table with Grosvenor to the future of the former embassy building and the opportunity to expand the role of the adjacent public gardens.

The Aga Khan Centre opens this summer in the heart of London's Knowledge Quarter and has been created as a place of education, cultural exchange and insight into Muslim civilisations. The centre is designed by Maki and Associates, led by Fumihiko Maki, one of Japan's most distinguished contemporary architects.

A distinctive feature of the Aga Khan Centre is its six gardens, courtyards and terraces inspired by Islamic landscape design from Spain, North Africa and the Middle East to Central and South Asia.

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