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New innovation hubs - disruptive technology for home and car

Allianz Partners, following the success of its pioneering Automotive Innovation Centre, is launching three more research hubs to cover travel, health and assistance.

Digital players are being brought in to create novel products and one such innovation focusses on proactive travel insurance, automatically triggering payments to clients if their trip is delayed while they wait at the airport or station.

The Assistance and Open Innovation Centre is working in advanced solutions such as Digital Risks and Smart Home Service Propositions.

The company has already had success working with automotive manufacturers on strategic topics such as Connected Cars and Shared Mobility.

Dan Assouline, Chief Market and Digital Officer, said ' Allianz Partners thanks to its unique combination of insurance, service and technology, is further strengthening its commitment and capacity to innovate....Clients are at the centre of all innovation and transformation...and we will continue to focus on this path, with an even stronger set up in 2018 and beyond'.

Recent achievements include international cooperation with leading mobility providers such as Car2Go and autonomous driving providers such as EasyMile.

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