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London City Airport and cultural place-making

London City Airport has been speaking at Future Cities Forum today about its £344 million development programme including a new digital control tower and the determination to create a strong sense of place for arriving visitors.

Head of Corporate Affairs, Liam McKay, explained that often when you arrive at airports, you could be anywhere and London City wants to promote the astonishing cultural heritage of the capital, so that visitors are introduced to the city in the best way possible.

Liam spoke on our opening discussion panel with Huw Lewis, MD of Bexley Co, Professor Sadie Morgan, NIC Commissioner and Adam Mason, Director, Infrastructure and Transport at KPMG LLP.

London City Airport is expanding the number of flights it offers and is moving into an additional tourist market. However, Liam said that driving the number of in-bound passengers continues to have importance and the interiors of the arrival lounges depicting musical heritage and historic and iconic modern architecture around the capital is a must.

Liam also stressed the importance of the Crossrail link to the airport and London City has joined the campaign to promote this..

Please watch Liam above speaking about London City Airport and creating the cultural brand of the capital for visitors.

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