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Developing Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock tourism

We are extremely pleased that Sue Grindrod, Chief Executive of Albert Dock Liverpool will be speaking at our Future Cities Forum in February at RIBA North which will cover the important theme of culture and tourism in the continued regeneration of the city and the wider region.

Sue is responsible for the strategic development and management of Royal Albert Dock, re-named with Royal status last summer.

Albert Dock is located on Liverpool's UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront and home to the largest group of Grade 1 listed buildings in the country. Royal status was requested as part of preparations for a year of celebration in 2021 - 175 years since the Dock was officially opened by Albert, Prince Consort in 1846.

The next three years aim to assert the Dock's position as a world-class, leisure destination for the visitors of the future, and a heritage asset that needs to be preserved and protected for future generations.

Sue who is also the Chair of Liverpool Waterfront Business Partnership said 'It marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the Dock's history, highlighting the important role heritage tourism can place within the city and city region context, and firmly repositioning the Dock on the international stage. It is also a tribute to the pioneering vision of the original Dock designer, Jesse Hartley, to Leonard Eppel and Michael Heseltine who helped shape its rebirth in the 1980's and to the significant role the Dock has played in the history of this great city.

Aberdeen Standard Investments took control of Albert Dock's commercial interests in 2016, and a year later unveiled a long-term vision which aims to reinvent the Dock with a progressive and evolving retail and food offer.

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