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Peel Ports increases trade through Liverpool

B&M one of the UK's leading variety retailers has announced it is increasing its cargo into the Port of Liverpool by 30% following frustrations with delay-struck southern ports. The company which has 600 stores across the UK will now ship 80% of its stock via Liverpool, increasing 30% of the volume on a trial basis.

Over the coming months, B&M expects to shift all cargo to Liverpool in a permanent move, citing quicker lead-times and a reduction in road miles afforded by the port's central location.

'As we continue to grow the business, we'll be able to offer our customers a more efficient service as well as reduce our carbon footprint thanks to the fantastic connectivity provided by Peel Port's multimodal services', stated Jermome Wildsmith, B&M's Head of Supply Chain.

Roger Megann, Head of Commercial (Containers) from Peel Ports added: 'It marks a further shift away from southern ports with problems only expected to worsen as Brexit moves closer, congestion shows no sign of easing and delays get longer'

Liverpool2 is a £400 million investment to create a new deep-water container terminal at the Port of Liverpool, creating one of Europe's most advanced container terminals. Five hundred direct jobs will be created through the investment. Peel Ports is to invest around £300,000 via the apprenticeship levy to train around 100 existing staff in subjects covering leadership to port operations.

Join us at our forum this month for discussions on the economic growth of Liverpool and the further need for the improvement in infrastructure in the North of England over the years ahead.

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